The rate optimization engine.

Logiciel pour agence de voyages

Pour quoi :

To stop being worried by the yield of airlines. To increase productivity, margin and competitiveness.

Pour qui :

For travel agencies that wish to save money by optimizing the price of already booked PNRs.


Thanks to its rate optimization module, Pnuts helps you save money on all of your PNR.

Following the parameters of your choice, it regularly and automatically searches the best rates available for the PNR you already booked. When a better price comes up on the GDS for a similar trip, Pnuts will notify you to save money.

Its quality control component detects incomplete PNR or those with irregularities. This will help you save time by avoiding additional work on your PNR.

Discover Pnuts

Rate optimization and PNR Quality Check:

– PNR optimization on any GDS with or without rate component.
– Scan of the PNRs that need to be optimized by queue, period, name…
– Exclude PNR from your scans by configurating your engine.
– Automatic or manual rebook for negotiated, public or corporate rates.
– Automatic rebook based on an engine configured by the transport service.

Following your configuration:

– Optimization will occur on rate classes alternatives and won’t take into account the flights of the PNR.
– Optimization will take into account the service classes and cancellation and reimbursement policies.

Pnuts is compatible with all the GDS.

– No investment needed on your part.
– No impact on your information system.
– Takes into account public, negotiated and corporate rates.

– Research of missing OSI.
– Research of ticket emission deadlines (rate and airline)
– Research of duplicates on close dates.
– External booking reference validation.
– Research of customer ID (corporate PNR).