At the start, a simple idea

ViaXoft grew on a simple idea: to give travel professionals what they need to make things easy, to automate processes and to increase their productivity.

The story of ViaXoft started with a small number of people with very different backgrounds. They gathered and created a solid group where everyone can count on each other. A profound desire to create a new business culture, something different from what they knew, was born.

Traditionnal companies hire people that are motivated by a challenge but eventually destroy their potential by locking them in a structure with processes. This results in a lack of creation and innovation. Offering a stimulating environment where everyone can blossom, create and transgress is our main objective.

Since our creation, ViaXoft engaged its teams to develop efficient, innovative and evolving solutions. We want to perfectly meet the needs of the travel industry.

The story of ViaXoft


Creation of ViaXoft

Software editor for travel agencies and tour operators and service provider for the travel industry.


Purchase of Sapeig

Software editor of Alizés and WSatin, two software programs for travel agencies and tour operators.


Launch of ViaXeo

Our global management platform for travel agencies and tour operators.


Launch of TravelDecisions

TravelDecisions, the Business Intelligence tool dedicated to the customers of business travel agencies.


Purchase of Taranis

The company that edits TOP and Jupiter, two software programs for tour operators.


Purchase of Diverso

The software company specialized in electric document management.


Purchase of Anaxys

Software editor for travel agencies, specialized in transport.

An international presence

The company managed to grow abroad, currently represented by its increasing activity on the Swiss and Spanish markets. All in all, ViaXoft posesses four datacenters, two in Marseille and two others in Switzerland, in Geneva and Bâle.

Today, we are 55 employees dispatched over three offices in Marseille, Montpellier and Paris. Our teams use their expertise to accompany travel professsionals in their IT projects. We already collaborate with over 700 travel agencies to optimize their activity.

Head office of ViaXoft

160, rue Albert Einstein
Bâtiment iCube

You will also find our two French datacenters.

Offices Montpellier

Montpellier, France

Offices Paris

Paris, France