Simplify the management of your travel records.

Logiciel agence de voyages

Pour quoi :

To centralize all the data concerning a trip in a single record and make the collaboration between your administrative and commercial departments flow better.

Pour qui :

Ideal for tour operators or travel agencies in the mangement of their leisure travel sales.


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A management Travel Distribution file, on multiple suppliers and multiple services:

– From the travel project with several quotes to the voucher and through the application form: all the pieces of a same trip are in the same place.
– Email sending of the quotes, application forms, invoices, payment statements…

A management of your individual or group file creation:

– Real time calculation of your margin.
– Suppliers’ payments input on purchase lines.
– File duplication.

– MCTO management for the automatic creation of leisure files.
– Insurance companies are integrated for insurance online cross-selling.
– A range of statistics to analyze your activity.