Agile Organization

Agile Spirit

Facing an environment that has become uncertain over the years, companies need to learn to evolve with it and with their clients. Being agile is a possible answer to this challenge.

The word "agile" appeared among tech brands with the Agile Manifesto. The manifesto created the agile movement, gathering people under a series of principles: teamwork, communication, continuous improvement, accepting change, self-organization...

At the beginning, being agile was rather mecanical since we did not understand the underlying values it carried.

By following these principles and improving ourselves, we slowly integrated these values in our team until they became natural, thus forging our culture.

Self development

Transparency and a cool atmosphere

The cool atmosphere at ViaXoft, it's like a bear scratching against a tree because it feels good. There are no walls here, only open spaces to make communication easy, coworking spaces and nice rooms to feel at home...

It is crucial for us that everyone in the company feels at ease and keeps evolving in their work. That said, learning sessions, Lib Days, TEDx and other conferences are unmissable elements of your everyday life at ViaXoft.

Innovation and transgression

Two qualities are needed: courage and humility

To innovate and transgress, courage is essential at all times: accepting critics is the way to success. You have to dare taking risks, whether it's within a group or individually.

Innovation also requires humility: we all have the right to make mistakes. Mistakes are the source of learning. We are aware that mistakes are unavoidable but we make sure to detect and correct them before they prevent the company from working.


Different colleagues and constant sharing

Diversification means daring to take risks like children full of ideas, of wishes and curiosity. We get brain-washed when growing up. It locks us up in rules.

We want to get this children's curiosity back and discover new playgrounds.