The multi-channel booking engine.

Logiciel pour agence de voyages

Pour quoi :

To have access to all of your transport sources from a single interface and easily book the most relevant offers.

Pour qui :

This tool aims at helping all the travel agencies and tour operators that wish to optimize their transport sales by choosing the best offers.


Tots is the search engine to find the best transport offers, whatever the GDS or the source. It allows your travel agency to be connected to all your suppliers and to guarantee the best service to your customers.

Connect Tots to your different sources (GDS, low cost and charter airlines) and get the best price easily from a single interface. This tool is open so that you can publish your aerial fares to your different partners.

You will then be able to swiftly have access to all of your transport services. It is a real time saver for your travel agents.

Tots highlights:

– A price engine and an application of your trade rules.
– A comparison of your transport offer from multiple sources.
– A proposition of the best fare according to your trade rules.

Discover Tots

Multi-GDS, charter and low cost service:

– Booking, update and GDS requesting service.
– A dozen of low cost companies integrated.
– Possible connection to your back office.
– Configure your transport preferences (favourite airlines, maximum number of travellers…).
– Pricing rules engine.
– Access from an interface for your agents of via an XML API (XFT, OTA or custom).

– Search available offers at the best rate on multiple sources.
– Filter available offers following your own preferences.
– Follow up of your bookings made to your partners.

– Publish your transport data to your partners via an XML API.
– Send your data to your back office or your CMS.
– Enjoy an interface that you can configure for BtoB, BtoC and BtoE users.