Digitize your customer relationship.

Logiciel agence de voyages

Pour quoi :

It’s the CRM software for travel agencies. Use the data you collect during the commercial process and lead efficient marketing campaigns.

Pour qui :

The essential tool for travel agencies and tour operators that desire to create a closer relation with their customers.


ViaXeo, thanks to its special design, was elaborated around its CRM features for travel agencies. It gives you the opportunity to fully manage your relationship with your customer and to meet every travel professionals’ needs

With ViaXeo CRM, you will have all the knowledge to communicate efficiently with your customers and maintain or develop a lasting and profitable relationship.


Discover ViaXeo CRM

Manage your customers/prospects:

– Personal record form: personal information, status (customer or prospect), date of conversion…
– Contact details: adress, phone numbers, email…
– Marketing: interests, loyalty cards…
– Connections: the social network of your customers.
– Imports and updates of their personal details by file.

Manage your sales channels:

– Configure your sales channels easily.
– Analyze your numbers following the configuration of your channels.

Manage your contacts after your sales actions:

– Satisfaction surveys after their travel.
– Management of litigations: monitor the litigation, generate standard mails.
– Follow up your contact exchanges history within your projects.

Manage your actions:

– Manual or automatic: open files before departure, customer’s birthday, relationship after the travel…
– Different media: new calls to your customers, mail, email, text messages…
– Todo lists reachable from the user’s homepage.

Manage marketing campaigns:

– Multi-criteria marketing by drag n- drop.
– Standard documents management: mail and email with merge variables.
– Definition and generation of the campaign.
– Analysis and feedback after the campaigns.