Configure your trade rules by sales channel.

Logiciel tour opérateur

Pour quoi :

A multi-channel tool to help you manage your production of travels and optimize the definition of your offer.

Pour qui :

The tour operator software for all travel industry professionals that have an activity of travel production.


Among the features of ViaXeo Tour-Operating, our tour operator software offers you the opportunity to easily sell your production “à la carte”. It makes the creation and definition of your products easy for all of your sales channels: agency, online, partners, mobile…

This software for tour operators allows you to configure all your trade rules by sales channel. Create your product sheets with the text editor and complete the products of your partners.

Simplify your production and the purchase of products from your suppliers. Sell your products with ViaXeo, the software program for tour operators.

Discover ViaXeo Tour-Operating

Manage all your product references:

– Text description of your product with its associated media.
– Identification of all your product types (accomodation, transport, package, excursion…).
– Configuration of your research tags and referencing.
– Linking to a price list.
– Linking to trade rules and management constraints.

A real time connection with your partners:

– Import and enrichment of the products of your suppliers with your savoir-faire.
– Comparison between several offers.
– Availabilities and bookings online.

An easy commercialization of your products:

– A packaged or “à la carte” commercialization, on several sales channels.

A complete management over your process:

– Management of agreements of purchases and sales: allotments, commercial rules, due dates…
– Complete integration with the ViaXeo customer record.
– Sales management: counterproposals, travel journals, follow up of your customer records…
– Relationship with your partners: rooming lists, insurances, airports…