Integrate the accounting configuration.

Pour quoi :

To automate the many and time consuming tasks of auxiliary accounting with a tool especially designed for the travel industry.

Pour qui :

For the travel agencies and tour operators that wish to reduce the time dedicated to accounting tasks.


The flexibility and configuration of ViaXeo Accounting allow you to automate many time consuming tasks whether it is regarding your suppliers or your customers. The processing of auxiliary accounting gives access to a complete tool especially designed for travel industry professionals.

Discover ViaXeo Accounting

Management of suppliers and services:

– Automatic assignment of the taxability.
– Manual and automatic checks.
– Automatic daily or monthly suppliers reconciliation.
– Manual suppliers payments, by SEPA files or by virtual payment card.

Customer management:

– Classic or collaborative aged trial balance, by date of invoicing or date of departure.
– Customer account in order to check all the elements of a customer.
– Customer payment modules.
– Automatic reminder of the customers following the due date.

The simplified processing of your general accounting budgetary and analytical accounting:

– Automatic import of commercial management (sale, purchase, treasury).
– Control over the commissions and payments of the suppliers by the due date (multi-currencies).
– Configurable posting references.
– Automatic bank reconciliation (integration of the bank account statements).
– A multi-criteria and analytical interrogation.
– Accounting editions (balance, general ledger, journals).
– Export possible under .CSV format (balances, general ledgers).
– Import possible (social entries…).