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Logiciel pour agence de voyages d'affaires

Pour quoi :

To provide your clients with premium service. TravelDecisions is a tool for statistics designed to offer an outstanding overview of their travel expenses.

Pour qui :

For Business Travel Agencies that wish to offer more services to their clients by granting them access to all the data concerning the business trips of their employees.


TravelDecisions is the Business Intelligence software dedicated to the travel industry. Thought and designed for business travel agencies, it generates extremely precise reportings regarding the activity of your clients.

Provide your clients with an open and secure statistics tool that gives them access to all the data concerning their travel expenses.

Keep a follow up of your key accounts, discover the most important travellers, identify their biggest expense items and edit detailed reportings for a precise analysis. Our solution brings out your KPI, helps you automatically send reportings to your clients with an easy access.

This software automatically generates reportings making Business Intelligence easier and quicker. You will be able to configure how you wish to send statistics reports: .XLS, .JPG, .CSV, .PDF, .PPT…

Discover TravelDecisions

– A powerful statistics tool that gives you the opportunity to automate the generation of your reportings.
– Aggregation of an extremely important amount of data in a simple interface.
– A tool to help you make strategic decisions and a precious time saver for your teams.

– A dynamic and interactive dashboard.
– Analytics aimed at analyzing your sales and your activity: global synthesis, Advance Purchase synthesis, economy, top travellers, top airlines…
– An integrated requestor offering your business analysts a tool to extract custom data.
– A multidimensional analysis (OLAP cube) to study aggregated indicators following your line of inquiry.
– A secure portal for your customers giving access to their data, their invoices and statements.

Reports of your activity or with landmarks aimed at analyzing your sales:

– Global Synthesis
– Advance purchase synthesis
– Economy
– Top travellers
– Top airlines
– Synthesis by service sold: air, train, hotel, car rental…
– Traffic analysis by service, by country or by geographical area…
– Amount of bookings by service, by travellers or by client…
– Top Destinations by service…

You can also generate reports to follow the status of hotel records by travellers, know your traffic by channel or analyze your savings.