Dematerialize your documents.

Logiciel pour agence de voyages

Pour quoi :

Enjoy a secure digital archive, easier access and diffusion and automatic processing of your documents.

Pour qui :

It’s a software program designed for every travel professional (travel agency, tour operator…) that wish to electronically manage all of their documents.


ViaXeo EDM for Electronic Document Management is a travel agency software that gives the opportunity to enjoy secure digital archiving, with access and diffusion simplified as well as automatic processing of your documents.

Thanks to a connection via a Web Service to your Accounting System, ViaXeo EDM will improve your productivity.

Discover ViaXeo EDM

– Simple and fast dematerialization of your documents: invoices of your travel providers (TO, hotels, car rental companies…), general costs, contracts…
– Your documents are recognized and read for your travel activity, for an automatic processing of information.
– A secure and confidential digital archiving equipped with a powerful search engine that guarantees immediate multi-criteria consultation.

The benefits of EDM:

– Easy and fast archiving of any type of document.
– Automatic recovery of your electronically received invoices.
– Extraction of the information by Optical Recognition of Characters (ORC), Automatic Document Recognition (ADR) and Automatic Document Reading (ADR).
– Automatic naming and archiving following an ordering plan.
– Search engine.
– Consultation of archived documents from your Back Office solution.
– A secure management that grants you a simple and instantaneous access wherever your are.
– Generation of the accounting record in accounting system.