Give multi-channel vision to your activity.

Logiciel pour agence de voyages

Pour quoi :

Create a new sales channel and boost your online distribution.

Pour qui :

For trave agencies and tour operators that are looking for a software program to distribute their offers online.


ViaXeo Web gives travel agencies and tour operators the opportunity to develop their online activity. Sell your products online by connecting your back-office to your website.

The Internet can be an amazing medium to develop your sales. With ViaXeo Web, you have the opportunity to automate the process between your back-office and your website. Distribute your products on the Internet, automatically update your stock in the back-office to save time and sell more!

Discover ViaXeo Web

The Internet has become unmissable. ViaXeo Web allows you to fully benefit from that channel which is nowadays a favourite for customers.

Develop synergy between your website and your agency! Display your offer on the Internet to increase visits to your travel agency. In return, you can also display your products and seduce the customers in order to make them book a trip using your website.

ViaXeo Web guarantees access to a qualitative sales channel. The Internet offers a fabulous window to show your offer and increase your sales. Make the booking of your products easier and boost the activity of your travel agency.